Managing Gigs

Sellers need to subscribe any one subscription package to get their GIGs listed on the market place.  After subscribing, sellers can sell their services and GIG extras on the market place, refer friends and colleagues to earn referral commission, bid and win “Custom Client Requested GIGs”.  The commission of the market place is fixed as per the subscribed package and here are the details:  Starter Plan – 20%, Business Plan – 15% and Professional Plan – 10%.

How the marketplace works for Sellers:

Part Time Now™ provides you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income! We’re here to provide security, privacy, and timely payments, so you can keep doing what you love the most.

  1. Post your service

Post a service offer in accordance with your skills. Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are getting for the money they are paying.

  1. Bid the custom request

Bid the custom requests which you can do and deliver at a specified time.

  1. Communicate promptly

Respond to customer inquiries, as well as requests for custom offers, within a reasonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

  1. Build your reputation

Make sure you treat all of your customers the same, and try to provide the best possible service regardless of the transaction value. Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends.

  1. Participate in Referral Program

Along with selling your services, you can make BIG money by participating in our referral program.  Login and go to “Referrals” page ( to know the complete and latest details.


If you want to sell your offers on Part Time Now™, you should create a Gig after setting your account. A Gig refers to the service listed on the Part Time Now™ Marketplace.

How to Create a Gig:

After logging into your account, place the cursor on your username, a drop down will appear, click on “Jobs”, it will expand and then click on “Post New”.

Overview – Post New Job


In the Gig Title section, create a title for your Gig in a maximum of 80 characters. The title of the gig should be crisp, short, clear and straight to the point.

Job Price:

Mention the Gig Price, do not include gig extra or fast delivery pricing here. It is just the basic GIG price.

Category and Sub-Category:

Select the right category from the drop down box. After you select the category, sub-category drop down will appear.  Choose the right sub-category as well under which your service falls.


Write a clear description for your Gig in a maximum of 1000 characters, in the description field. The description should clear, crisp and detailed as possible to enable the buyer to find the relevant details. Based on the description you provide, the buyer, with the similar needs contact you.

Instructions to buyer:

Write the clear instructions to your Gig buyers in a maximum of 500 characters, in the Instructions to Buyer field. You can write about GIG delivery details, shipping details, whether the buyer should contact you before placing the order to explain the requirement.


Enter the relevant words and phrases as Tags that describe your gigs properly.


If you would like to show your location in your profile and GIG or If your service is location specific, please make use of this column to enter your “Location” or your service area.

Display Map:

Select this check box, if would like to display your location map in your GIG.

Maximum days to deliver:

Delivery time is your deadline for delivering an order.  Be careful while you are choosing this, because late deliveries can result in cancellations or affect your reputation.

Require Shipping?

If you sell a product that needs shipping, you can charge the buyer with shipping charges. Select the check box and specify the shipping fees that you charge to the specific country your order should be delivered.

Cover Image:

Sometimes a photo can say more than 1000 words. Please select the best cover image related to your job. The minimum and ideal image size should be 980px width and 180px height.


Please select the best photos related to your job.  The minimum and ideal image size should be 720px wide and 405px height.

Job Preview:

Upload exemplary sample files of your job so that buyer can see your professional work before hiring you.

YouTube Video Link:

Add URL, If you have an explainer video for your GIG.

Extra Fast Delivery:

Choose EXTRA FAST DELVIERY option to set extra fast delivery of your GIG. Mentioned the amount you charge for the extra fast delivery and select the number of days you require for the delivery.

Your extra fast delivery days should be less than the normal delivery days.

Additional Revision:

Select “Additional Revision” check box, if you are willing to offer it.  Mention the cost of every revision in Price column and select maximum days to deliver in the dropdown box.  Select “Multiple” checkbox to allow buyers to buy multiple revisions along with the GIG.


Here, you can add extra services to your GIG. Describe your extra service in the Description column, mention the cost of extra service in Price column and select maximum days to deliver in the dropdown box. You can add any number of extras to your GIG. But, add extras which are relevant to your basic GIG.

Terms of Service:

Select the “Terms of Service” check box before submitting your new job.

Re-Check all the columns are filled before you click on “Post Job” button.  On successful submission of your job, you will be redirected to “My Account” page.




Move cursor on the profile picture, you will get a list of options.


You will have two options

  1. Post New
  2. My Jobs

Post New:

This link will take you to “Post a New Job” page.  All the columns and features of post new job explained above.

My jobs:

Active Jobs:

Gigs posted by you that are active

Inactive Jobs:

Gigs that are made inactive, which will not be visible in the search

Under Review:

Gigs completed, but yet to be reviewed by the buyer


Gigs which are rejected by Part Time Now™ team due noncompliance with terms and conditions of Part Time Now™.


My sales display the information about your GIG sales and necessary actions to be performed.

To view the sales statistics and perform the actions:

The following options are displayed in the My Sales page:


In this column, you will find active orders on which you working now.


Here, you will find the orders which are completed and submitted to the buyer, but, yet to be accepted and reviewed by the buyer.


In this column, you will find the order which are completed by you and marked as completed by the buyer.

Pending Payment:

Here, you will find the orders for which, you awaiting the payment.


In this column, you will find the orders which are cancelled by you or by the seller with mutual understanding.  Here, you find the orders which are cancelled by Part Time Now™ support team as well.

Along with the above information, you can view your revenue details as well in My Sales page:

Login into your account, move the cursor on your user name and then go to Sales ( that has briefs about your sales and its revenue as well.

In top of this page, you can get an overview of all types of revenue earned, pending clearance, revenue withdraw, revenue earned in a specific period, etc.

Revenue Statuses:


It shows the money earned at Part Time Now™, which includes all revenue statuses.


It shows all the money withdrawn so far.


It shows the money that is awaiting clearance from our team, which is 14 days waiting period for regular users and 7 days waiting period for premium users.


It shows the money readily available for withdrawal. It is the net balance in your account, which represents money earned from the orders after deduction of charges.


Earned: $ (-) Minus

Withdrawals: $

Used to Order Gigs: $

Pending Clearance: $ (=) Equals

Available Funds: $

You have 2 options to withdraw funds. Learn more about the options in the withdrawal section.


You should earn a minimum of $100 to withdraw funds to your PayPal or Payoneer account.


When you have sufficient balance to withdraw the money from your account, you can withdraw it using any of the two options, given below. Minimum Withdrawal amount is $100 for all withdrawal types.

  1. PayPal Account
  2. Payoneer Account

The seller’s account will be credited with the reward after 7 days mandatory clearance period after the order is completed.

How to Withdraw Money from PART TIME NOW™ Account?

  1. After logging in your account, place the cursor on the username and choose PAYMENT from the Profile Icon.
  2. If you have sufficient balance to withdraw the money in the AVAILABLE FUNDS, you have two options to withdraw the money.

In the “my payments” section, choose “WITHDRAW MONEY” section.

You will have two options

  1. Paypal withdrawal
  2. Payoneer withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal amount is $100.


My Shopping display the information about your purchased gigs and necessary actions to be performed.

To view the purchased gig statistics and perform the actions:

The following options are displayed in the My Shopping page:

Active: Your purchased Gigs which are currently active and yet to be completed.

Pending Review: Gigs that are completed and waiting for your review.

Completed: Gigs which have been delivered and you have marked as completed.

Pending payment: Gigs you selected to order and not yet paid.

Cancelled: Gigs that are cancelled by you or the seller mutually.


In this section, you find all your bookmarked posts.  You can manage your favorites as well here.


Profile Completion: A complete profile will display your credibility as well as communication. Add profile picture, give your full name, connect with social media accounts and make your profile active by feeding all necessary information.

My Ratings:

Here, you get an overview of all ratings you got and rewarded to the gigs you purchased.

Ratings To Reward: In This column, you find the GIGs which you have purchased and are yet to be rated by you.

Pending Ratings: Here, you will find your completed orders which are yet be rated by the GIG buyer.

My Ratings: In this column, you will find all the ratings which were awarded to your completed GIGs.


Apart from gig income, you can participate in our Referral Program to earn money.  Here, you will find the complete details about our referral program, what URL you suppose to use to refer and more.  Check the below video to know how it works and make money using our referral program:

Support Center:

Here, you can submit a question or query to Part Time Now™ support team.  You get access to your previous tickets, follow up and close the resolved tickets as well.