Privacy Policy

Please read and understand this privacy policy carefully to know about the site. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, you agree not to access or use the site. The Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time and all users deemed to accept the changes in the policies. We request the users to check the policies periodically for changes, updates, revisions and modifications.

Children Under Age of 13 Years:

This site is intended, offered and available only to the users who are 13 plus years old. You are not eligible to use the site ( or the other services offered by Part Time Now, if you are aged less than 13 years. By accessing and using the site, you represent, accept and warrant that you are legally eligible to create a contract as a user and comply with all eligibility requirements.

The Short Version:

We care for the privacy of the users. We do not share, sell, rent or use any personal information to the third parties. We do not disclose any information about the users unless provided by you as a part of the registration process or as a part of delivering an order is shared with others.

The information we collect that is essential for registration as a user and some information that are automatically collected by the systems like IP address and cookies, etc. All the information we collect is intended only for personal use of the user for providing better experience and using the services for better.  Information the users choose to publish online remains no longer private, because it is no longer private data. So, misuse of the information available online has no relation to our website.

The Longer Version:

When you access the site Part Time Now ( and use the site as a seller or buyer, we may require you to provide your identifiable information through the registration process. For registration process, we may require your name, sex, age, Zip code, email address, password and other relevant as necessitated by the type of user you want to become. If you wish to become a seller at Part Time Now, you can list the details of your gigs. If you want to become a buyer, you can list the services you require or willing to order.

The individual details supplied by you, enable us to provide relevant information and extend the user-friendly experience to the maximum extent possible. In some instances, we may require you to provide your contact address to extend the provision of certain services.

The information we collect is meant only for the purpose of improving the user experience. In most cases, we conceal the information provided by with respect to personally identifiable information. However, at few instances, any personally identifiable information is available as free information available with no restrictions in the public domain, for instance, comments, blogs, scribbles, etc. If you have linked your account with the social media accounts, it obviously displays the personally identifiable information, which you have mentioned in the social media accounts.

In case if you restrict providing the essential information to become a registered user and access the service, you may not receive the complete access or certain services that may need the information. For instance, if you are a buyer who looks for specific order that needs shipping, you should provide the shipping details. Failure to provide the shipping address won’t be helpful.

Our customer support team ensures to take reasonable efforts to notify you about the limitation of access at the time when you provide or restrict provision of the information. In no event, under no circumstances we should not hold any liability nor held responsible for restriction of access or denial of certain information. It is up to you to decide and provide all relevant and sufficient information.

Information automatically tracked during navigation:

We also, collect the other information while you browse the website. The information like demographic information, IP address, information about the devices you use, browser information, and all other communication related information are collected through access.

In order to improve the user experience and responsiveness of the user application, we may at any instance, use cookies or any similar electronic tools to gather information. Subsequently, we assign every visitor a unique number for identification purpose, a random number. Unless you voluntarily invite yourself and make an identity as a registered user, you will be simply assigned a cookie. The cookie assigned to you does not know any personal information. The only information the cookie has is the personal information you supply. A cookie is unable to read any data off your drive.

Similarly, our associates, affiliates and advertising partners may also assign you cookies for which we are not responsible.  Cookies do not collect or ready the personally identifiable information.

Our servers may automatically gather the limited information, non-personally identifiable information about the location of the computers, which includes the location where the computer is connected, internet connection details, IP address, and mobile number.

The third party resources and external links as the advertising partners or otherwise may use the non-personally identifiable information. For instance, browser type, geographical location, click stream information, subject of the advertisements clicked, areas of interest scrolled over, time and date, etc. These are generic information and do not include any personally identifiable information.

We may receive the information about you from other sources when your account is linked with any social media networking sites and when you add it to your account. Even in this circumstance, your account shall be treated in accordance with the terms and conditions and policy as applicable here. We enable you to access and connect with third party services like social media marketing channels, affiliate products, etc. to connect with them. In case if you wish not to connect with the external links, you may anytime opt out from getting connected to the external sites.

Your personal information may be accessed by the third party services and the third party services may provide us the information about your account, for enhancing the user experience. Unless you provide us with the personally identifiable information, we never collect the information, except in case if your account connects with us through external sources.

Safeguarding the Interest of the Users:

We are committed to safeguarding the interest of our users and ensure protection of the information provided by you. Both, personal and non-personal identifiable information is secured by us. However, we may not guarantee the security of the information when you transmit data as 100% safe. In other terms, internet data transmission is not 100% secured and we do not hold any liability for transmission of data, but we ensure your data is 100% secured with us as soon as we receive the information. You understand, agree and acknowledge that you send the information at your own risk. We built robust security systems to ensure your data is safe.

You should never hesitate to contact us or give us feedback to submit your experience, register a complaint or sort out a query.

Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Information:

We collect all the information from the users as and when required to offer better services and user experience to both sellers and buyers. Even when you contact our support center or seek assistance from customer support, the information you share will remain private and kept confidential.

Other than any information that is provided when registering the account and while making a payment, Part Time Now do not collect any other information from you. However, in some instances, the buyer or seller may seek more information for proper execution of gigs and delivery of the orders. For instance, some gigs may require the contact number or other valid details to deliver the shipping.

The sellers may request the buyers to share the details with respect to delivery of the order, but only for the purpose of delivering the order at the right shipping address and not for any other purpose. No other personally identifiable information is shared or entertained.

The information we collect from the users during the process of registration is solely meant for the purpose of creating a proper and complete user account and enable proper financial transactions. The users are fully liable if they provided wrong misleading information.

No details with regards to the gigs, services, or any personal information is shared with any third party.

Third Party Liability:

Part Time Now may include hyperlinks, banner advertisements and flash presentations to the external sources. The links may promote and advertise the respective websites and products. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any actions and subsequent consequences that may arise due to transacting with the third party with respect to using the resources, websites and products. Part Time Now neither expressly nor implied endorse the products and services offered by the respective websites included in the hyperlinks.

Our privacy policy terms may be changed, altered, and improved from time to time without warranting any prior notice to you. You agree that you abide by the terms that are changeable and acknowledge following the same.

If you have any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us.