Make Money Online in your free time – Tips and Facts

Make money online in your free time

If you want earn some extra money in your free time, the internet obviously offers you plenty of options. It gives you ultimate comfort to work at your home at your own comfort. Be it evening or wee hours, you can always find some time to earn that little extra money (even more) in your free time.

You can monetize your leisure and make money online in your free time with ease. Thousands of people make money online and internet fetches billions of dollars every day.

Complete the jobs at $3

There are plenty of micro job sites which offer gigs across all verticals. Part Time Now makes an ideal market place where the services and jobs are offered which starts at $3 per gig. While there are similar sites offering the gigs starting at $5, Part Time Now makes a difference. It offers gigs that start with low price and covers every possible category.

You can design a logo, do web designing services, host a site, do SEO work, draw something, write articles and there are many more.


Online writing is the new age career offering promising growth. If you have a knack of writing creatively, you can turn out to be a successful content writer. Besides, even if you have proficient and decent writing skills, you can make money online as a writer.

Turn your passion / pastime activity into a part time work

The best thing about making money online is there is no limitation. Whatever arena you are familiar with or passionate about, you can make money online. For instance, you can upload an exercise video and sell it for $10. Cooking expert? Post your cooking videos. Amateur musician? Composed in bits and pieces? You are needed! These are just a few examples and there are plenty to look into.


If you are proficient in more than one language, go for translating jobs. It’s not going to be a big deal in spending a few minutes a day, especially when you are free.

These are just a few ideas and tips that you can think about making money online in your free time. Remember, internet provides you a myriad of opportunities.

Quick facts to make money online

  • Convert your passion or hobby into an additional source of earning
  • You can be more creative and can hone your skills to become a pro
  • Look for legitimate options to indulge because there is a common tag that online jobs are fake. It is true to some extent. Register your profile and start earning from the sites like com which secures your transactions, payments and prevents scam.
  • There is no need to invest when it comes to online money making. You can start with absolutely no investment except your time and efforts. Of course, since this is likely to be your pastime activity, you can do it like a favorite activity.

Every day, people are finding more and more new opportunities and ways to make money online at the free time. Just get started with earning a few bucks a day. Think about earning $20 per day online, just for 20 days a month, only in your free time? That counts to $400 per month and close to $5000 a year. Give it a go.

September 9, 2017