Earn Your Second Salary in Your Free Time

Earn your second salary in your free time

Won’t you be interested in earning your second salary in your free time? Yes, read this again. This is not a joke.

You could have read a lot of success stories of making a comfortable living just by working online. The internet offers a myriad of profitable jobs, and promising career growth, in case if you are passionate. Your online earnings can be equal to your salary, sometimes more than your monthly salary in your free time at parttimenow.com.

What is Part Time Now?

Part Time Now is the largest marketplace where you get your stuff done with ease. The services are offered at a rate which starts at $3. Buy or sell the gigs, anything, anytime and anywhere at the minimal rate starting from $3. How easy is that? You can charge up to a maximum of $5000 on a gig service. Redesign your app, get the article, install a new WordPress theme, change your domains, and buy or sell a million more services at the price starting from $3.

How Part Time Now Helps to Earn?

Part Time Now provides you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income, that too in your free time. Part Time Now provides security, privacy, and timely payments, so you can keep doing what you love the most. If you want to sell your offers on Part Time Now, you should create a Gig after setting your account. A Gig refers to the service listed on the Part Time Now Marketplace. Create your account and sell your offers / gigs. Sellers should pay one time registration fee for registration.

At Part Time Now, you can earn a minimum of $3 per gig. It could be about anything, from writing a description to creating a logo, counseling and many more. Since you work on your free time, you don’t spend much time on a gig. So, offer something that you are comfortable with, which doesn’t cost you more time. However, the starting price is $3 per gig, you can charge more based on the service you offer. While the basic writing comes with $3 per gig, you can offer it professionally at a higher price.

Services You Can Sell:

There is no limitation on the arena of services you can choose. You can choose to offer the service on a specific category like writing descriptions or designing logos. Or you can choose to offer gigs on different categories.

  • Record / sing a song
  • Write a simple poetry
  • Create graduation speech or wedding speech
  • Edit a video / do a collage

You can offer your gig or choose to work on a custom job post created by the buyer. Once you prove your ability and successfully complete a few gigs, you will get repeat orders.

Even if you are not sure about being so creative and offering professional service, offer the gigs like,

  • Social media services
  • Simple reviews on products
  • Use any software / download, give a review about it
  • Do a simple research on a given topic
  • Create digital drawings
  • Be a virtual assistant (Need not be for hours)
  • Give a video testimonial

Hope this helps you earn your second salary online @ PartTimeNow.Com

August 5, 2017