Buying On Part Time Now

Whether you need a logo design for your new blog, or a video presenter who will help you introduce your company to potential clients, you are at the right place. For everything that you do not know how to do yourself, or you simply don’t have the time, Part Time Now freelancers are at your service.

  1. Find a service that you need

Compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and community recommendations in order to find a seller that best suits your needs. If you have a specific question, simply send them an enquiry.

  1. Supply your brief

Be as detailed as possible so the seller can provide you with the quality service that you are expecting. Your payment is held secure until you confirm that the service is performed to your satisfaction.

  1. Manage transaction

Exchange files and feedback with the seller via the built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller will deliver service within a specified time frame.

  1. Approve service delivered

Once you are happy with the service delivered, you can mark the transaction complete, and we’ll make sure that the seller gets paid. Help the community by leaving a feedback for the seller.

You should create a buyer account with Part Time Now to avail the services of the sellers.  You can either choose to create an account filling the registration form or connect directly using social media links.


Part Time Now offers innumerable services. You can make use of Part Time Now search engine and narrow your choice of services or list of services you are looking for.

How to find a service in Part Time Now:

  1. Enter your search term in the search bar in the top menu in any Page. You can search for the services you needed even without logging in your account.

     2. When you enter a search term, the auto fill feature suggests a few common search terms related to the term you enter. For instance, if you search for content, the auto fill option will suggest content writing.

     3. Once a search term entered and submitted, you will get the results page and you can find the specific filters placed at the top of the page as well as the left side of the page. These filters vary according to category or sub-categories of the specific search term.

Common Filters placed on the top of the page:  Auto, Rating and New.

On the left hand side of the search results, you will find the filters like Category, Location, Radius, Min and Maximum budget and Number of days for delivery.  Use these as per your need and criteria.



As a buyer, you can browse the site, categories, pages and gain access to all the services available. Alternatively, use the search tag to find the gig you are interested to purchase. The gigs are available starting from $3 to $5000.  Sometimes, they may contain some extra services and charges too.

After choosing the specific gig you like, choose, BUY NOW to buy the same. You can buy the service using different payment options.

You have three options to filter the jobs:

AUTO – Default search and the most relative gigs will be listed in prioritized order.

RATING – Select this option to filter the GIGs by Highest rating to lowest rating.

NEW – Select this option to get the new sellers / new gigs related to your search query on top of the search results.

Advanced Job Search:

Using this option, you can choose the sellers based on the location, radius, category, delivery duration and minimum and maximum price range.

Selection of a GIG:

From the homepage or category page or subcategory page, click the thumbnail of the gigs or you can browse for the list of services available through the category pages or use search terms options.

Read the description of the gig completely before you decide to place an order. Look for the customer reviews and read the feedback. You can also contact the seller to sort out the queries you have, if any.

After choosing the specific gig you like, choose, BUY NOW to buy the same or if your requirement is a bit different, then Request Custom Offer from the seller.  Do send your requirement details when you Request Custom Offer. You can buy the service using the available payment options.

It is recommended to read and understand the full description of gigs and gig services, gig extras and packages before placing any order.


After you choose the GIG to order or finalize the custom offer from a seller, you can choose to pay using single click payment. It is an automated payment process facilitated by PayPal. In addition, you can also pay using credit card or debit card. If you already have a balance in your account, you can pay with the shopping balance. Decide your payment option and choose, Pay Now.

If the seller requires any further details to start the order, you have to fill the details in the ORDER REQUIREMENTS column. Add files, fill the queries and answer the FAQs if any, requested by the seller.

After filling the details, click Submit.


Login to your account -> Move cursor on your user name and click on My Shopping in the drop down. You will see the dashboard giving a brief outlook of your shopping / account details.

You can view the orders placed to the sellers by clicking on each “Tab.”

How to view orders:

  • ACTIVE:Orders you placed but yet to be completed by the seller. Active orders in process, like Work in Progress.
  • PENDING REVIEW:Completed orders waiting for your review.
  • COMPLETED:Orders completed, delivered and accepted by you.
  • PENDING PAYMENT:Completed orders waiting for release of payment.
  • CANCELLED:Orders cancelled by you or seller or by mutual consent.


A buyer can request a custom order detailing the specific requirements and deadline to the sellers. Provide sufficient information to the seller and it enables the sellers to meet the custom offer without any hassles.

How to request custom order from a seller:

After logging in homepage or category page or subcategory page, click the thumbnail of the gigs or you can browse for the list of services available through the category pages or use search terms options. After you select a GIG which is similar to your requirement, click Request Custom Offer, describe your requirement and attach files which are relevant to your job and submit.  Your requirement alert will be sent to the GIG owner instantly. You can track all orders related conversations with sellers in My Shopping -> Select Specific Order.

How to post custom request on Part Time Now

You can post your custom requirement on Part Time Now in 2 scenarios mentioned below:

  • When you do not find a GIG which is exactly you needed.
  • When you do not have time to browse the listed GIGs and pick one.

Select Requests in the drop down menu -> Under Requests, you will find the below options:

  • Post a request – You will find Post a request form for a new custom GIG you would like to post.
  • My requests – View all the custom requests for gigs you created.
  • All requests – View all the custom gigs created by buyers in the marketplace.

Select Post a Request ->

Give details to the custom order and attach the files if any that are essential for the special project.  Enter the delivery date you intend to receive the completed work from the seller.

Choose the option, Submit. Once you submit, our system will send an auto alert to the sellers who can do your job.  Interested sellers will come and bid your requirement.

Check the seller profiles and accept a seller offer whom you would like to assign your project.  You can request the seller to revise the offer price and then finally accept the offer.

The seller might pose any queries regarding your custom requirement. Clarify the queries as and when required.


Here, you find all the GIGs you bookmarked and can manage them.


After the order is delivered, you can accept the order or request for modification or you can Request for Mutual Cancellation if not satisfied.

The order becomes delivered when the seller completes the gig and sent the final delivery message to the buyer. Although the buyer is yet to review the order, the status of order is marked as ‘Delivered.’ The buyer can review the completed order, request for any revisions, accept the delivery and provide the feedback. In case, not satisfied with the delivered service, the buyer may request for revisions and set up new delivery time, several times.

A feedback box is available for the buyer to leave the feedback on the completed order. The feedback of the buyer is displayed as messages on the seller’s profile. However, there is also an option available not to leave any feedback.

A seller has the option to deliver the order again if the revision request is raised.

In case of orders that do not need any shipping, the orders will be marked as complete even when the buyer does not review, accept, or request modification in three days of delivering the order. It means, the buyer has three days to examine the order and accept / request for mutual cancellation / request for revisions. Otherwise, the amount will be automatically credited to the seller’s account after deducting the standard charges. For gigs that require shipping, it will take about 14 days for shipment.

How to accept delivery:

After logging in, move cursor to the profile picture and check my shopping.

Click on the tab “Pending Review” and evaluate it. If you are satisfied with the delivered content, mark it complete. The specific gig you marked complete will be automatically updated to the completed gigs category and awaits your review / feedback and release of payment.

In My Shopping page, you can choose, request revision / accept & review for the completed orders that need your acceptance.

How to request a revision:

Go to the GIG conversation, click on Request Modification and write your comments / feedback in the comments box and click on Send.



If you have any common or specific questions to ask a seller, you can contact a seller before placing the order for a gig. You can contact the sellers through private messages.

How to contact a seller:

After logging, chose the gig you are interested to buy and click the thumbnail of the respective gig. You can read the profile of the seller and select the option Contact Me.

You will be directed to the conversation page, Type your query / message and SEND it.

Alternatively, you can also visit the profile of the seller and choose Contact to proceed with a conversation.


You can view the details about the payments in the payments section.

After logging, move the cursor over the username, choose Payments. You will get an overview of the payments made for gigs, list of transactions, Top Up, Affiliate Report and current balance.



You have multiple payment options available at Part Time Now. Choose any option from the following that you are more comfortable with.

PayPal: It is the most commonly used payment methods at Part Time Now. Use your debit card or credit card for PayPal payments.  You have an option for the Guest Check Out as well.

Account Balance: If you have Top Up balance or sales earnings, you can utilize it paying for GIGs you ordered.



Feedback is an essential part of the Part Time Now marketplace. Both buyers and sellers can rate their experience after completing the work. Feedback and reviews are provided by the buyer and seller after completion of the order.

Reviews and ratings of a buyer, demonstrate the overall experience with the sellers. The feedback and ratings also determine the quality of the services provided by the sellers.

Comments made along with the rating will be displayed on the seller’s gig page along with work sample, in case if Live Portfolio is activated.

Providing Feedback as a Buyer:

In the My shopping section, choose the order that was delivered to provide your feedback.  After an order is delivered, you will receive notification carrying an email with the direct link to provide the feedback for the completed order.

A comment box and star rating are available for the buyer to leave the feedback on the completed order. The comments made along with star rating of the buyer is displayed as messages on the seller’s profile. However, there is also an option available not to leave any feedback.

You have no option to edit or remove the feedback after you provided your feedback. So, provide your feedback carefully all the times.


If you have any queries to be addressed or sorted out, you can raise a query request “ticket” in the customer support section.

Move your cursor on your profile picture and choose “Support Center”. The support section opens. Post your query, choose the categories and submit for clarification.